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How do I find out which model I have?

You will find your model name on the delivery note and the corresponding invoice.

Should you still have difficulties, please send us an e-mail: support@heinekingmedia.de.

We wish you now much joy with your digital communication solution of heinekingmedia GmbH.

At the moment some of our manuals are available in German only.
We are working hard to provide it for you soon. If you have any questions, please contact support@heinekingmedia.de


Important notice

Please make absolutely sure that you go through every single point of the manual chronologically and carefully.


This manual provides the basic information you need for the optimal usage of your EasyBlackboard. Please read and follow the subsequent points carefully, so that you can set up your EasyBlackboard quickly and easily. We show you the necessary settings in just a few steps.

Items delivered

A remote control, a power cord and batteries are included in the delivery.

Accepting the delivery

Attention – important note for accepting goods!
Please check directly upon receipt, whether the cardboard or packaging has been damaged (visual inspection). In this case, please refuse to accept the goods! The freight forwarder will take the delivery and initiate a new delivery. 

In addition, please check the functioning of the delivered goods immediately after receipt (function test). The device must be unpacked, connected and switched on. If a defect is detected (e.g. damage of the housing) it must be reported to heinekingmedia GmbH within 3 working days after accepting the delivery (see chapter 13 – conduct in the event of damage). Please note that some possible defects of the display can only be detected when the display is switched on (e.g. devices does not start, pixel error, glass breakage)! 

If the damage is reported later or if goods with visual transport damage have been accepted, heinekingmedia GmbH cannot initiate a free claims settlement and the customer has to bear all potential costs related to a repair and shipping!

Mounting and wiring

Important mounting instructions for attaching wall mounts to a display:

Attaching the wall mount 

The displays supplied by heinekingmedia GmbH have mounting devices on the back for mounting wall brackets. These comply with the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standard and consist of four threaded sleeves arranged in a rectangle. The distances and thread dimensions differ depending on the display model. Please make sure to only install the supplied or a specified wall mount.

To prevent display damage, it is important that you have the correct screws ready and test them before mounting the wall adapter to the display. The depth of the threaded holes differs among the different display models. If, by mistake, screws are used that are too long, irreversible damage to the display can occur, which is not covered by guarantees of the manufacturer or heinekingmedia GmbH!

heinekingmedia GmbH recommends that the assembly and/or installation of this product is to be carried out by a competent person. Please refer to your display manual and ensure that the weight and size of the screen do not exceed the maximum weight and size of the wall mount to be used. Please also carefully check, whether the screws used for mounting the screen have a suitable length and diameter.

heinekingmedia GmbH is not liable for damages caused by improper assembly, use of unsuitable assembly material or use of unsuitable tools!

Please note the following:

  • Only use screws, which threads are no longer than the depth of the threaded sleeve plus the thickness of the mounting adapter.
  • Check the screw depth of the screws by loosely tightening the screws into the threaded sleeve without mounting the holder on the display. You should be able to screw in the screw without any effort.
  • If the available screws are too long, you can reduce the screw-in depth by using appropriate flat washers. If possible, do not use more than one flat washer per screw.
  • Always tighten the screws carefully by hand until the screw stops.
  • Under no circumstances use electrically operated mounting tools such as cordless screwdrivers or drills.
  • To tighten the screws, please use a suitable screwdriver and tighten only carefully by hand until finger-tight.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you will be able to mount the bracket correctly onto the display.


When mounting the device on a vertical wall, leave a distance of at least 40 mm (approx. 1.6”) between the rear of the unit and the wall surface. Please observe the installation dimensions listed below to ensure sufficient ventilation. In addition, please ensure that the temperature where the device is deployed always remains below 35 °C (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Wire connections

Connect the supplied power cord to the connector on the back of the display and connect the other end of the cord to an easily accessible outlet (230V). Switch the main switch (rocker switch) on the rear of the display to "ON".

Internet connection

Connect a LAN cable (not supplied) to the RJ45 network connector on the back of the display and connect the other end to a dedicated network outlet, switch or router.

If you want to connect the device wirelessly to a Wi-Fi network, please refer to chapter 6 (Network settings) of this manual.

If the Internet connection is successful, please continue with step 5.

First usage

  • Turn on the display using the remote control.
  • If the pre-installed software, the DSBplayer, is started, the display identification is shown. Please write the identification down. You will need this identifier later for the screen setup (Chapter 7).
  • To exit the DSBplayer, press the "home" button on the remote control.
  • Navigate through the home menu by using the arrow keys on the remote control and select by using the middle key of the control pad.

Network settings

To set up the network settings, please proceed as follows:

  • Press the "menu" button on the remote control.
  • First, select "network" and then "network settigns".
  • You now have the option to connect your device to the Internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi.

LAN connection 

  • Make sure a LAN cable is connected to the RJ45 network port on the back of your display.
  • Select the item "cable" and then the item "connect".
  • Now the device tries to establish an Internet connection via LAN.
  • If the connection is successful, press the middle button on the control pad on the remote control again to exit the network settings.
  • To restart the DSBplayer, select the "URL start program" menu item.

Wi-Fi connection 

  • Select the item "wireless".
  • Now the device searches for available Wi-Fi connections. 
  • Select the desired network.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password. When the password is entered completely, select the "done" button on the right.
  • Now the device tries to establish a connection via Wi-Fi.
  • If the connection is successful, press the middle button on the control pad on the remote control again to exit the network settings.
  • To restart the DSBPlayer, select the "URL start program" menu item. 

Display setup

  • Make sure that you have the access data for the DSBcontrol Portal, which you have received per e-mail from heinekingmedia GmbH.
  • Open an Internet browser on your PC, navigate to the page http://portal.easy-blackboard.com/ and log in with your user data.
  • Click on "blackboards" in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Click the "add blackboard" button. 
  • The license is pre-selected automatically and does not need to be adjusted.
  • Enter your display ID, which you noted in step 5, in the second field from the top. Please note: the "-" character (hyphen) does not have to be entered.
  • Fill in the subsequent fields completely, if possible. Mandatory fields are: screen name, description of the location and postcode.
  • Click on the "next" button to configure the automatic switch-off times (chapter 9).

Automatic switch-on times 

  • Automatic switch-on times are configured with the remote control in the on-screen menu. 
  • Press the "home" button on the remote control.
  • Navigate to "automatic on/off"
  • Select "auto. on".
  • Here you have the possibility to store up to 7 different switch-on times. Select one of the displayed time profiles.

The following options are now available: 

  • Settings: Now select when the switch-on time is to apply (e.g. Mon-Fri). If you select "manual", you can specify in the field below the days on which the start time is to apply.
  • Time: The start time is entered using the numeric keys or the arrow keys. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch between hours and minutes.
  • Volume: Use the left and right arrow keys to set the desired volume.

Confirm your entry with "ok" to save your settings. You will then automatically be taken to the menu, where you can start the DSBplayer via "URL start program".

Automatic switch-off times

  • Tick the box "activate automatic switch-off time" (continued from Chapter 7).
  • Now you can choose between "daily at the same time" and "weekday-specific at a specific time".
  • An example can also be found in the graphic below. With the configuration as shown, the EasyBlackboard switches off at the following times:
    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:30h,
    Every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00h,
    Every Saturday at 15:00h and
    Every Sunday at 12:00h 

To save the automatic switch-on and switch-off times, click "next" at the bottom right.

You will then be directed to "Screendesign". For more information, see Chapter 10.


  • Here you can choose a Screendesign template. 
  • Choose a static template that fits your needs.
  • Once you have selected a template, click "next"
  • On the next page, you have the option to allocate names to the individual sectors. 
  • After entering the names, click "next".

Once you have made all the settings, click "save" to complete the setup. 

Energy saving settings

The screen has an eco-sensor that adjusts the backlighting of the display to the ambient light to improve image quality and reduce power consumption. If the screen is always to operate with the set backlight value (default is 85%), the eco-sensor can be deactivated.

  • Press the "home" button on the remote control to exit the DSBplayer. 
    Note: If a key lock is active on your display, the lock code will first be requested when any key is pressed. After successfully entering the lock code, press the "home" button again to exit the player.
  • Then press the "menu" button and navigate to "system", then to "eco-solution" and finally to "eco-sensor".
  • You can now switch the eco-sensor on or off by pressing the middle button in the control pad.

    Additionally, you can adjust the backlight value. 
    1. To do this, select the "image" option in the menu and then the "backlight" submenu.
    2. Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the backlight brightness.

Change from landscape to portrait format

By default, the screen is set up for landscape operation. To change this setting to portrait mode, follow these steps:

  • Press the "home" button on the remote control to exit the DSBplayer.
  • Navigate to the "additional settings" menu item and select it by clicking the middle button in the control pad.
  • In the menu that now opens, select the option "screen display" and then the sub-item "display orientation".
  • Select the option "alignment of screen menu".
  • Select the "portrait" option. 
  • Press the "exit" button on the remote control to return to the home menu. If the screen turns black, press the "home" button again.
  • Now select the "change URL" menu item.
  • Add the suffix "/port" after the displayed URL (Internet address).
  • Select the "done" button to return to the home menu.
  • Navigate to the menu item "URL start program" to start the DSBplayer.

Conduct in the event of damage

If your EasyBlackboard needs to be repaired due to damage or malfunction, please send an e-mail to heinekingmedia at the following address: support@heinekingmedia.de

In order to be able to process your claim, we need some information, which should be mentioned completely in the e-mail. Please note that the repair can only be initiated if the requested information is complete.

  • Model number of the display
  • Serial number of the display
  • You can have the model and serial number shown on the display:
    1. Press "menu" on the remote control and then select "support" and afterwards "contact Samsung".
    2. If the unit cannot be switched on or the display does not show a menu, you can also find the device data on a label on the back of the display.
  • Location (address, building section)
  • Mounting height
  • Exact error description
  • Ideally photos showing the defect
  • How did the damage occur?
  • Contact person with e-mail address and telephone number 

Our support staff will then immediately take care of initiating the repair of the device and inform you about the subsequent steps.

Help and support

If you need further help, please contact the EasyBlackboard Support Team via +49 (0) 511 67519-354 or by e-mail to support@heinekingmedia.de

Important: You can also find useful tips and video instructions for support and operation in the Control-Portal by clicking on the menu item "help".